Boston Art Deco:                          A Virtual Tour

Boston is one of America's great walking cities.  Millions of tourists have followed the famous "Freedom Trail" through the city that traces our Colonial and Revolutionary heritage.  Those digging a bit deeper have also followed The Black Heritage Trail, which explores the history of Boston's 19th century African American Community.  Still others have taken Victorian walking tours, or Mystery Tours which pass by the birthplace of Edgar Allen Poe and the spot where witches once were hung on Boston Common.

ADSB was the first to undertake the task of documenting Art Deco and Modern architecture in Boston.  Asa  first step towards preserving Art Deco architecture, we conducted "Art Deco Digs" just to find out where it was located, what conditions were affecting it, and what buildings needed our help.  One of the first preservation battles we took on, and the impetus to our formation, was the successful fight to save the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline.

Today, ADSB offers walking tours of Downtown and Back Bay, and we hope to put together a driving map of other Boston neighborhoods, communities around Boston, and important buildings throughout New England.

As we continue to build out this section of our web site, you can help our ongoing "Deco Dig"  by contributing information and photos on Art Deco architecture in your community.  Thanks! 


Some of the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in New England are located in Downtown Boston.   From stepped-back skyscrapers with luxurious French Art Deco ornamentation, to 1930s examples of the more Streamlined style of the WPA period, to Modern office buildings built just after World War II.  

Photographs courtesy of Joni Lohr and Bob Four.  © All rights reserved.

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